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SFA College of Liberal Arts: International Studies

The world has become a "Global Village."  Opportunities are global, but so are the problems. 
We live in a time of dramatic -- and unprecedented -- change, when the peoples of the world are increasingly connected through communications and information technologies, political institutions, financial structures, business practices, and cultural exchange.  The second major and minor in International Studies are designed to help students understand these complex changes.  To help create educated citizens who understand foreign cultures and are prepared to face the global problems of tomorrow -- these are the main goals of the International Studies program at SFA.   

Whether they choose International Studies as a second major or as a minor, students will explore global issues from a variety of perspectives within the university.  In addition to four required classes -- Cultural Anthropology, World Regional Geography, International Politics, and Macroeconomics -- students will choose electives from a wide variety of disciplines, according to their own interests. 

For a deeper awareness of the cultural, social, political, and economic forces at play in the world today, and for a learning experience that will last a lifetime, consider the International Studies program!

Required Courses:

ANT 231 Cultural Anthropology
GEO 131 World Regional Geography
PSC 332 International Politics
ECO 231 Principles of Macroeconomics


 In addition to the four required courses, students who pursue a second major in International Studies will choose four elective courses, and students who seek a minor will choose two elective courses.  The list of possible electives includes:

Anthropology ANT 381 Middle East Area Studies
  ANT 441 Ethnographic Field Methods
  ANT 493 Latin American Area Studies
Communications COM 435 Intercultural Communication
Criminal Justice CJS 308 Agency Response to Terrorism
  CJS 350 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Economics ECO 339 Applied Statistical Analysis
  ECO 480 International Economics
English ENG 348 Travel and Literature
  ENG 405 Comparative World Literature
  ENG 441 Linguistic Theory
Finance FIN 433 International Financial Management
French FRE 330 French Civilization
Geography GEO 220 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  GEO 230 Cultural Geography
  GEO 365 Political Geography
History HIS 302 U. S. Diplomatic History, 1900 - Present
  HIS 303 Global Diplomacy
  HIS 320 Modern East Asia
  HIS 321 Non-Western World
  HIS 332 History of Latin America, 1830 Present
  HIS 352 Twentieth-Century Russia
  HIS 461 Contemporary Europe
Latin American Studies LAS 300 or Selected Topics Course to be Approved by Advisor
Management MGT 422 International Management
Marketing MKT 452 International Marketing
Political Science PSC 304 Major Foreign Governments
  PSC 441 International Law
Psychology PSY 310 Industrial Psychology
  PSY 385 Psychology of Aggression
Sociology SOC 330 Sociology of Gender
  SOC 357 Population and Society
  SOC 478 Methods of Social Research
  SOC 479 Data Analysis
Spanish SPA 331 History of Hispanic Cultures II

General Restrictions and Requirements for the IS Second Major:

1.  Students may only choose two courses from any single discipline as electives.
2.  Students may apply only two courses from their First Major to meet the IS requirements.
3.  Three of the four elective courses must be upper-level courses.
4.  Students must have competence in a foreign language through the fourth semester. 

General Restrictions and Requirements for the IS Minor:

1.  Students may apply only two courses from their First Major to meet the IS requirements.
2.  Both electives must be upper-level courses.
3.  Students must have competence in a foreign language through the second semester.*

*These two lists of restrictions are not complete.

Why should I care about International Studies?

International Studies will help you learn more about the world by crossing the traditional disciplines of the university.  If you want to learn more about other cultures and peoples, and to gain a deeper understanding of the forces at play in an increasingly interdependent world, the International Studies program is for you!  

Can only students with certain majors enter the International Studies program?

No, any SFA student can choose a second major or minor in International Studies.  Even if your first major does not require a second major or minor, you can still join the International Studies program, if you wish.

Will having an International Studies second major or minor change my general education requirements?

No, your general education requirements will remain the same.  However, from time to time, you might be able to fulfill more than one requirement with the same course.  For example, depending on your first major, one course  might fulfill a general education requirement and count toward the International Studies program, or count for your first major and for the I. S. program. 

What can I do with an International Studies second major or minor?

International Studies is a liberal arts program that lays a foundation for many kinds of advanced study and careers.  Above all, it is aimed at cr eating habits of the mind and qualities appropriate to a lifetime of curiosity and learning, and not for any particular type of career.  Of course, some students in the International Studies program will go on to work in international careers, such as those in business, communications, and foreign service, and they should benefit from the preparation they receive from the I. S. second major or minor at Stephen F. Austin.

For More Information:

Dr. Michael Tkacik
Asst. Professor, Political Science
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Dr. Robert Allen
Asst. Professor, History
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